Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

With the modern era, Netlogiks support its customers to provide mobile based solutions with enhance their product life cycle along with company portfolio. We support development of mobile applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad & iPad Mini), Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS.

From large finical insinuation to small business, we help you to build a smart mobile application solution, which will help you to maximize your profit with doing a small contribution to your technology based solutions.

We help you to identify, the need and the optimized use of mobile application, which fits into your business environment. Will help you to stay on top with cutting edge technology.

Businesses are increasing bringing in the mobile platform technology into their day-to-day processes to enhance performance and support real-time enterprise behaviour.

As a leading Mobile Application Development company, we feel that for successful implementation of your ideas you need a partner who is an expert in consulting and can assist you in conceptualizing, developing, architecting ,maintaining and optimization of your infrastructure solutions. Many of our clients have achieved noticeable benefits on investment through our mobile platform solutions.

IOS Application Development 

With highly professional team, we are offering you creative designing and IOS based solutions. Our IOS developers can develop applications in the following categories:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Cloud & Data Integrated Solutions
  • Online Shopping Solutions
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Search Tools
  • Productivity
  • Social Networking
  • Sports
  • Utilities
  • Travel
  • Weather

Use the services of the leading IOS application development Australian Company, to brand your business through IOS application and take the competitive edge. IOS applications have become a smart tool for marketing any company’s ideas, products or services. IOS market is one of the most growing technologies. Australian Advertising industry has gone as far as running the entire campaigns via iPhone , iPad apps; noticeable research supports the reality this trend will continue.

Being the integral part of the latest iPhone developer programs, we have immediate access to the up-to-date development utilities. We at Netlogiks can work on any iPhone operating system software, sometimes ahead of their release schedules as well. Needless to day – this can easily result in a pleasant bonus for our clients.

Android Applications Development

Our approach to Android Programming is to harness the contributions of this unique open-source technology and perform Android application development to create applications that add value to the end user. By successfully utilizing the complex Google Android SDK platform, our highly seasoned team of Android application developers influences the wide-ranging set of development tools of the Google’s Android SDK to delve into unlimited possibilities. The Android Development Team has all the main skills and expertise required in Android application development. By using framework of JAVA and Android, we create applications that are easy to port and offer value addition to our clients.

We are offering our android services in following Android Applications Reuse and replacement of components.

  • Integrated Browser
  • Optimized Graphics
  • SQLite for Structured Data Storage
  • GSM Telephony (hardware dependent)
  • Media Support for common audio, video, and still image formats including MP3, MPEG4, H.264, AAC, JPG, AMR, PNG, GIF)
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera, GPS, and Compass, (depends on hardware)
  • Rich Application Development
  • Widget Development
  • API Customization
  • QA/Testing Services
  • Wi-Fi & GPS Communication System
  • Office/Business System
  • Bar Code Scanning System
  • Multimedia Application
  • Security System Applications
  • Travel System
  • Internet Application
  • Mobile Banking
  • Game Applications
Blackberry Development 

Blackberry application development in the newer models are required to accommodate its advanced features such as calendar, address book, to-do lists, ERO, CRM, intranet access, instant messaging and much more. Blackberry Custom Application Development includes the appropriate use of Blackberry proprietary APIs and other advanced yet sensitive technologies. We, as the leading IT professionals of mobile application development are capable of harnessing the crucial power of Blackberry APIs.

Our line of product ranges from small standalone applications to bigger BlackBerry lead solutions, rightly integrated with your enterprise back-end systems. We have expertise in the following:

  • Inspection Forms
  • Blackberry Field Force/ Sales Force Automation
  • Reporting Solutions
  • Point of Sales/M-Commerce Applications
  • Integration with Enterprise back office Systems
  • Management Productivity Tools
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Communication and Messaging Applications
  • Time Cards/ Expense Sheets
  • Blackberry GPS Solutions
  • Bar Coding Solutions
  • Blackberry Mobile Banking Applications

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